He says: ‘I feel criticized on the grounds that I’m a Muslim and I have a whiskers’

A philanthropy laborer asserted police were a “law unto themselves” after he was ceased for a counter-fear check as he pushed his grandma’s wheelchair through Birmingham Airport.

Ahmed Ali said he had been halted by police an aggregate of multiple times the nation over.

He said he was addressed for an hour at the air terminal subsequent to coming back from a journey to Mecca, leaving his gran upset and his better half in tears.

Also, Mr Ali said he dreaded police utilized illicit “profiling” to choose who to stop.

He told DerbyshireLive: “It was an outright bad dream. It’s getting truly irritating. It’s simply broken. They [police] are their very own law.

“I’ve been halted with my children and my family yet this time it was with my grandmother and it destroyed her journey.

“It was the first occasion when she has ever been halted and she was truly vexed.”

Mr Ali, who works in Derby for the universal guide philanthropy Unite4Humanity, was voyaging home from Mecca, Saudi Arabia, following a ten-day journey with his family and his incapacitated grandma, who uses a wheelchair.

As the 42-year-old drove his grandma through the debilitated registration territory of Birmingham Airport on New Year’s Eve, they were pulled away by West Midlands Police for counter-fear based oppression checks.

Under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000, officers can to stop and scrutinize any person who “seems, by all accounts, to be somebody who is or has been worried in the commission, planning or induction of demonstrations of psychological warfare”.

He stated: “After I made a whine, they in the long run let me go in light of the fact that they don’t had anything to charge against me. On the off chance that they charged me, it would help everybody who had a facial hair at airplane terminals.

“It’s either profiling which is illicit, provocation which is additionally unlawful or segregation”.

Derbyshire Live recently secured Mr Ali’s situation when he was ceased for the twentieth time passing quickly to Morocco from Manchester Airport in 2016.

More prominent Manchester Police took Mr Ali and his better half off his Thompson flight and afterward examined him for a considerable length of time concerning his confidence and where he was going.

He failed to catch his plane.

The first occasion when he was halted was in 2012, likewise at Birmingham Airport, when he was returning home from Pakistan.

Mr Ali routinely flies the world over for Unite4Humanity and asserted the entire experience was “irritating” for him and his family.

In an account sent to Derbyshire Live, the philanthropy specialist begs the police to capture him so he could ask a judge for what reason he has been ceased so often.

He stated: “They generally ask me similar inquiries like: ‘What’s your opinion of what’s going on in Syria?’ and ‘What are your considerations of what’s going on in Yemen?'”.

“They needed me to go into a room however I simply decline to do it now. I need them to capture me and ask me for what valid reason they have halted me multiple times.

“It’s silly. It’s messed up. I am a Muslim however I don’t go to any of the hotspots like Syria. I simply feel denounced in light of the fact that I’m a Muslim and I have a facial hair.

“They don’t appear to comprehend what they are doing or have any record of me being pulled away by police so often”.

A representative from West Midlands Police stated: “A 42-year-elderly person was ceased on landing in Birmingham Airport on December 31, 2018.

“He was addressed by police and discharged after further checks had been directed.”