In a somewhat uncommon event, an American lady, 41, made a trip right to meet the adoration for her life, a multi year elderly person from Sialkot.

Helena went gaga for Kashif on the internet based life and chose to get married with the young fellow, Express News announced.

The report additionally said that the lady will likewise grasp Islam before starting her conjugal life.

As indicated by the future husband to be, all arrangements for the wedding have been finished, saying his relatives are set to go to the unique event.

In April, this year an Indian lady who came to Pakistan to go to the conventional Besakhi celebration wedded a Pakistani man and grasped Islam.

After her marriage, Kiran Bala’s name was changed to Amna Bibi, who said that she needed to get married with Azam, an inhabitant of Hanjarwal, Lahore, and that she would not like to come back to India.

In view of these grounds, Amna mentioned the specialists to expand her visa with the goal that she could remain in Pakistan.

In January this yaer a 32-year-old Pakistani-American lady flew from the US to wed a Daska-based 35-year-elderly person she found on Facebook.

Raheela Saadi is currently in Ladhey town of Daska in the wake of wedding Chaand Ali, a circuit repairman.

After the wedding addressing media she said she is glad to be with her adoration forever despite the fact that she does not have the American way of life in the town.

She is living in an unpaved, mud house in the Daska town. They started conversing with one another on Facebook errand person three months back.

Residents concurred a warm welcome to Raheela and her family upon their landing in the town from Atlanta, US.

Wearing customary Pakistani wedding dresses, Raheela said the unadulterated love of Chaand had pulled in her to the town, including that she would carry on with a glad existence with her significant other in the town, where there is no power and gas.

Her family said that they were upbeat on Raheela’s decision as Chaand and his family were agreeable, earnest, legitimate and dedicated.

The town facilitated a lunch for the American family and other wedding visitors at a service.