A Zionist blogger has posted some images inside Masjid e Nabwi in Saudi Arabia from the profile of a Zionist Jew named Tzion.

All the posts went viral right after publishing.  Mr. Tzion is a regular blogger and writes for Times of Israel has shared the latest stuff on his Instagram account leaving almost everyone surprised and angry. He has shared his own photos, dressed and molded in Saudi culture. He has taken all of the pictures inside Masjid e Nabwi.

A video is also shot by him on the same tour where he actually went for some business related or an official meeting but he posted the stuff totally irrelevant and non-acceptable.

The photos taken by him are all posted and published with alt text and the caption stating that Zionist Jews and Arabs are of the same historical knowledge as well as backgrounds.

He has further added that both of these Religions have blood links and relations with Prophet Abraham and for sure the peace is guaranteed to provoke in entire Middle East soon.

Tzion was invited to KSA Riyadh for some conference last week when he did all this on the same trip.

His social profiles especially Instagram has been taken down after this act. This has been done for entire Muslim community because strangers or non-Muslims are not ought to even enter there and he has taken the shots unnecessarily.

Masjid e Nabw is the holiest Mosque after the Holy Kaaba located in Mecca. These two places are to be visited by only those pursuing or have pursued Muslim religion and the KSA Royal families consider themselves as the prime protectors of these Holy places.

These images released have produced considerable gaps in communication between the KSA Royal families as well as Zionist Jews.

In the past, there have been cases where KSA authorities have arrested many irrelevant or non-Muslim people that have visited these Holy places. Many experts have said that these images have created extreme violations leading to disruption in relations between KSA and  Israel.

No official reaction has come to notice by KSA authorities but yes, unofficial and hidden actions have been taken. These include secret calls done to the Government of Israel, alarming them, taking the posts and images down, blocking related social media profiles, and much more.

It should be noted that KSA has always denied any official and appropriate relations with Israel except the fact that they had been meeting on some conferences few times a year.