Ziaurrahman khan, 32,has been jailed for threatening his ex-partner and assault.

He threatened his ex-partner that he will shoot her and her father.

His ex-partner of 6 years successfully got a restraining order restricting him to contacting her, but he continuously breached the terms.

Richard Walters, prosecuting said Khan repeatedly visited his ex- partner’s house requesting her to take him back.

On 28 Feb when Khan visited the woman’s house he got “very aggressive”. His ex-partner believed he was under the influence of drugs at that time.

During an argument he punched holes in a bedroom door before chasing the woman and spitting at her.

He then grabbed her by the throat and hurled racist abuse, telling her “don’t tell me what to do.” Threatening her, Khan said: “If you go to the police I’ll shoot you, your dad, and myself. One bullet, that’s all it takes.”

She somehow convinced Khan to get out of the house but he returned again on March 4.

He was arrested by police and was said to say to officers in interview: “I will do it, I will kill her. These are not just words mate.”

Khan then claimed he only threatened her because she was not allowing him to see his kids.

Mr Walters added that despite a 2 year restraining order stopping Khan from contacting his ex-partner he still went to see her three times.

Khan pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order, damaging property, and assault.

Khan also has a previous conviction of kidnapping dating back to 2007.

Lorraine Harris defending Khan said: his client agree with the allegations against him and has instructed me to offer no mitigation on his behalf.

Recorder Tahir Khan QC said Khan had made “repeated and deliberate” visits to his victim, making “disturbing” threats towards her.

He told him: “You wanted to get back together with her, she did not want that. She was fearful because of the aggressive way you were behaving.

“You racially abused her and assaulted her. You made very unpleasant threats to shoot her and her father. I am satisfied that you represent a danger to her.”

Khan was sentenced to jail for 18 months at Bradord Crown Court and was the restraining order was extended for another 6 years.