Zahir Akhtar of of Hartington Terrace, Bradford, beat and harassed his former partner for over six months has been locked up behind bars.

Zahir Akhtar, 34, had restraining order and non-molestation order put on him which he repeatedly breached.

The order was put on khan from keeping him away from making any contact with his previous partner of 18 years.

He has five children with the victim.

CPS Alisha Kaye told Bradford Crown Court that Zahir was already given a community order last year June for battery.

Zahir Akhtar, 34, locked up after He beat and Harassed his ex partner.

He was put on a electronic tag which he later cut off, breaching his term of order then went on to assault his previous partner at her house on 13th December, punching her in the face with keys in his fist.

Bradford Crown Court imposed a unlimited restraining order to go along with his 18 months prison sentence.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC, told Akhtar: “Repeated batteries of vulnerable women cannot go unpunished. You have proved you are not capable of adhering to court orders.”

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