Reena Koli, 35, was burned alive by a man who wanted to rape her.

Rambharan Yadav, 31, tried to rape Reena Koli, but when she resisted he got angry and burned her alive.

The accused and the deceased were tenants in the same building.

Yadav from Uttar Pradesh, India, who works as a labourer poured kerosene over Reena and set fire to her on Friday.

It is alleged that Yadav invited Reena to his house and then tried to rape her.

Reena was taken to hospital but doctors could not save her. She had suffered 80 % burns and died that same day.

But police were able to get a statement from the victim where she said that Yadav tried to rape her and when she resisted he burned her.

Yadav tried to flee the area but was arrested by police at the train station.

He has been charged with attempt to rape and murder

Reena Koli’s body has been handed over to her family.