Most parents would admit that watching their children die would be the worst thing to bare and same goes for children seeing their parents die. But what if it was the parents who willingly killed their own children?

In a tragic incident a wicked father has killed his two daughters by throwing them in the Upper Chenab River in Gujranwala, Punjab.

He took Zainab, 2 and Haram 1, out with him holding them both in his arms.

Once he arrived at the river he threw them into the freezing water. He had three more daughters who were to follow.

Mubeen, the wicked father, after throwing two of his daughters to death, came home to take the other 3.

While Mubeen was leaving home with his other three daughters, Mubeen’s brother who somehow found out that Mubeen have already killed two of his daughters, confronted him and didn’t let him go till police arrived.

Mubeen admitted that he had killed his two daughters by throwing them in the river and was about to do the same with his other three daughters.

His reason was that he was jobless, tired of poverty and had no other means to provide food for his 5 daughters.

Mubeen’s immediate family members did admit that they were going through a financial crisis but there was no need for him to do such a horrific crime.

Mubeen’s wife was devastated when she heard of the incident, she just wants justice for her two daughters.

Police have arrested Mubeen and will soon appear in front of a Judge and will be sentenced under section 302.

The bodies of the young girls, however, are still to be located in the freezing river.