Reker Ahmed, 17,was attacked by a gang of thugs in south London in which he suffered a fractured spine and facial fractures.

The gang of six men has been jailed after they were found guilty of violent disorder at Croydon Crown Court.

George Walder, 21, George Jeffrey, 21, Ben Harman, 21, and Lliam Neylon, 20, were each jailed for 4 years and 2 months.

Kurt Killick, 18, was jailed for 3 years and 4 months.

James Neves, 23, was jailed for 2 2 years and 4 months.

Prosecutor Ben Holt previously told the court: “This was a cowardly and unprovoked attack by a group of friends on three people who were not known to them.

“The precise motive of the attack remains unclear, but there was a racist insult by one defendant at the outset of the attack.”

Reker Ahmed who cannot remember the vicious attack on him has since tried to commit suicide, has nightmares, and cannot sleep well.

He said in a statement: “Since I was attacked I feel extremely distressed and anxious. I cannot understand why anyone would want to hurt me like this for no reason.”

The jury was told one of the attackers shouted “You are asylum seekers, you are refugees, you have to go back to your country” at Mr Ahmed and his friend when they told him they were from Iraq and Iran.

The attack was so violent that a passer by requested: “Stop. You’re killing him.”

The attackers stopped and then started kicking and punching Ahmed again which was described by the prosecutor as a “disgraceful episode of violence and thuggery”.