Shahruk Sheraji, 22, was locked up for nine years for a knife point robbery at a clothing shop in Islington.

Sheraji of Camden pleaded guilty at Blackfriar’s Crown Court on 22 January 2017.

He was already serving a two year sentence for other moped robberies but will serve another nine years on top of that.

The offence took place on November 16th 2016 where four mopeds rushed a designer clothing store in Islington at 17.15hrs.

The men taking off with the expensive clothing. (Picture: Met Police)

Three moped rider stayed outside for look out while four passengers and one rider rushed the clothing store getting their hands on what ever they can.

Shahrukh Sheraji went straight to the counter with a big knife, scaring the manager behind the counter while other four men grabbed whatever they could.

Within 30 seconds £20,000 worth of designer clothes were stolen, brands such as; Hugo Boss, Moncler jackets, Armani and Canada Goose.

They all took off on the mopeds with the expensive clothing with all the number plates removed.

Police were immediately called, they took the CCTV footage as well as the black sheaf knife that was dropped by Sheraji.

Sheraji’s DNA was found on the knife.

He was taken into police custody on 26 November 2016 and was also connected to many other robberies where he would snatch mobile phones from victims hands on a moped across central London.

He was caught when the police spotted him and he tried to flee on foot.

When arrested, officers found dozen’s of mobile phones and clothing items that went missing from the store that they had stole.

DC Constable Steffan Evans said: “Moped-enabled offences are a high priority for Camden and Islington and this investigation shows that moped-enabled thefts and knife crime are taken seriously.

“This planned attack at the shop left those who witnessed it feeling terrorised. The public should feel reassured that we are working to make the streets of London safer.”

DC Chief Inspector Christine Jessah said: “As a result of the painstaking detective work by officers in Central North CID, a dangerous offender is off the streets and this lengthy sentence should be a deterrent to others.”

Seven other suspects that were involved still need identifying. The police are appealing for anyone with information regarding the suspects to come forward by contacting Central North Command CID on 0208 345 0298 or police via 101.

You could also call anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or online at