Aswin Daudia, 51, murdered his ex-wife, Kiran Daudia by strangling her to death has been found guilty at Leicester Crown Court on 2 January 2018.

Ashwin used her scarf to strangle her then put her dead body in a suitcase, which he dragged through the streets then dumped in a alleyway.

Kiran Daudia, 46, was murdered at Ashwin Daudia’s home in Lyme Road, Leicester last year January 16.

Footage of Ashwin Daudia dragging ex-wife Kiran Daudia’s body in a suitcase

The pair were divorced but lived together and were going to separate after the sale of the property.

Leicester Crown Court found him guilty and sentenced him to ‘life’ where he will have to serve a minimum prison term of 16 years before eligible for parole.

The Crown Court heard, on the 16 January last year Kiran was reported missing by her family members when she did not come home after she had finished work.

The police searched the local area and they found a mobile phone belonging to Kiran which was wrapped in a plastic bag on top of a roof of a business premises.

On 17 January the police received a call from someone who had discovered Kiran’s body abandoned in a suitcase.

Kiran Daudia, 46 (Pictures: Facebook)

Forensics found drag marks that came from Aswin’s property to the rear yard where the body was dumped.

CCTV footage also confirmed ex-husband dragging Kiran’s body in a suitcase through the streets on the 16 January.

Ashwin was arrested by East Midlands Special Operations Unit and was charged with Kiran’s murder two days after he killed her.

DC Mark Wesley, said: “The evidence against Daudia was overwhelming, with CCTV work and forensic examinations helping us to build a strong case against him.

“He was solely responsible for the death of his ex-wife. Kiran had her family at the heart of everything she did.

“Through his own selfish, cowardly actions Daudia has ripped this family apart, leaving two doting sons without a mother and other family members distraught and struggling to get over the pain and heartache he has caused.”

After the verdict, Kiran Daudia’s family said: “Kiran was full of life, with a vibrant personality, a loving, caring mother and a very thoughtful daughter, sister and aunt. Her friendly and charismatic nature meant she had many friends.

“She was simply beautiful and loved having photographs taken. She was the backbone of the family, very kind, generous and angelic.

“We as a family cannot even begin to describe the loss and emptiness in our heart. Her perpetual smile will be missed everyday of our lives by everyone who knew her. Kiran had lots of dreams and aspirations which were untimely taken away by this demonic act. Life without her will never be the same.

Kiran Daudia, 46 (Picture: Facebook)

“We cannot thank enough for the support given to us throughout this difficult time and we would like to especially thank East Midlands Special Operations Major Crime Unit including Senior Investigating Officer DI Simon Shuttleworth, officer in the case DS Mark Wesley and DC Jenny Tattersall our family liaison officer, Leicestershire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

“They all have worked tirelessly to bring this evil person to justice. He showed no remorse in coming forward and taking responsibility for his barbaric actions.
“We would also like to thank victim support, Next Directory and our own employers, Queen Elizabeth College, Shree Hindu temple, Asian Funeral Service, our family, friends, neighbours and the public for their continuous support throughout this ordeal. We would also like to thank all those who provided CCTV to the enquiry.

“Although today there has been justice for Kiran this does not take away our heartache. Her energy will resonate with us forever. We will be living this sentence for the rest of our lives.”