Shahida Shahid from Salford who was allergic to dairy products died after she ate a chicken burger which was dipped in butter milk the inquest was told.

Shahida Shahid, who was a student at Manchester University was out for a meal with pals where she became ill and fainted, just a couple of minutes after eating a chicken burger at ‘Almost famous’.

Shahida’s friend gave her an epi pen which administers a burst of adrenaline to counter any allergic reaction and was taken to a hospital.

But Shahida brain was severely damaged which became the cause of her death.

Shahida passed away in hospital three days later.

Sally Hadfield, assistant deputy coroner for Manchester, presented the case details to a jury of five men and six women.

Shahida’s immediate family members, their lawyer was also present, lawyers representing the restaurant and Manchester City Council were also present.

The court was told that Shahida was studying mathematics at master level.

She was out with her friends for dinner during the Christmas-holidays.

They went to ‘Almost Famous’ where Shahida ordered a chicken burger.

The coroner continued: “We will hear evidence she gave a description of her allergies and hear from some witnesses as to what the restaurant did with that information.

“She ate the chicken burger and at the time did not feel any effect but walked up towards the Printworks at around 8pm that evening and suddenly then the effect of her allergy became apparent.

“She began to feel ill and collapsed.”

She was administered with epi pen which she always carried, but she could not recover from severe brain damage.

Ms Hadfield said “The main issues the jury will have to consider is how she came to eat a burger marinated in dairy produce, the butter milk, what was discussed with restaurant staff and evidence about the epi-pen”.

Shahida’s elder sister, Dr Sharmin Shahid said Shahida developed asthma and eczema at a very young age and was allergic to all dairy products. To live a normal life she had to adopt a dairy free diet.

Dr Shahid added that she always would tell her sister to tell the waiter of her issues with food whenever she would go out to eat.

Shahida was taken to hospital on two separate occasions after eating food containing some sort of dairy product

First time was on her 16 birthday, after eating pancakes with whole milk rather than soya milk and was rushed to a hospital for treatment. She was asked to carry Epi pen on her at all times.

Second time she had an allergic reaction was in November 2013 at a restaurant in Birmingham but her Doctor sister gave her epi pen and was taken to hospital.

Dr Shahid believed her sister was very vocal and would always tell restaurant staff of her food allergies.

The hearing continues.