An undergraduate at Wolverhampton University who used the DarkWeb to try and obtain an automatic pistol and ammunition has been jailed.

Asaan Hussain’s plot was foiled after customs officers in America discovered the weapon hidden in a speaker.

Hussain, 23, of Green Avenue, Hall Green, was sentenced to six years and eight months.

He pleaded guilty to charges of attempting to import a pistol and ammunition, possessing a prohibited weapon and ammunition and possessing articles for fraud.

On July 17 this year a Homeland Security officer found the Makarov pistol and 50 rounds of ammunition in a Panasonic speaker.

It was contained within a parcel addressed to a property in Bedworth.

West Midland police were alerted and it was replaced with a “dummy parcel” minus the gun and ammunition.

Officers then kept watch two days later when the parcel was delivered to the address where Asaan’s girlfriend lived.

The defendant then arrived and after he had gone in armed officers forced their way in and he was arrested

“They saw that the cardboard box that had been delivered had been opened and the speaker taken out.

The back had been removed by taking out six screws.

The defendant had opened it obviously expecting it contained a hand gun and ammunition,” said Matthew Brook, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court.

He had said he had also used a pair of garden gloves to avoid leaving his finger prints.

Mr Brook said police initially went to an address in Redditch before going to the property in Hall Green , his parents home, where Asaan lived in an annex in the back garden.

In a bedroom they found a bag containing a stun gun with five cartridges and they also discovered a device for cloning credit cards and bank statements with other peoples names on them.

Asaan had left his lap top switched on so police were able to access it and found the searches he had made on the Dark Web for firearms and conversations he had had with a number of sellers.

They were also able to access his E mails and I phone and could see where he had searched for bit coin prices and had asked about prices for various guns, including a Uzi, a Colt and a shot gun, as well the automatic.

Mr Brook said police also found holiday pictures when the defendant was in Pakistan with him and various family members brandishing automatic firearms.

In passing sentence Judge Roderick Henderson said: “You did your best to obtain this. It was not thanks to you that it was not delivered.”

Richard Butcher, defending, said Asaan had been living a “Walter Mitty double existence” while living with his parents

“It is hard to understand why a man with so much to look forward to should have gone down this path, seduced by the Dark Web and making these crazy searches which eventually lead to a weapon being obtained.”

He said it was possible that his experiences on family holidays in Pakistan where it was permissible to have firearms lead him to believe this was something you could do in the UK.