Two men have been jailed for a total of 15 years for throwing acid on two other men outside a Nisa shop.

Kaha Miah, 20 years old pleaded guilty to two counts of applying a corrosive acid with intent.

He was sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court to serve nine years behind bars.

Another 16 year old was convicted in October for carrying a weapon and two counts of applying a corrosive acid with intent.

Both men were sent to a young offenders institution.

The Crown Court heard that the two victims staying at Neutron towers with some mates seen a group of lads jumping and damaging cars outside including their vehicle.

One of the victims went down to confront the gang whilst his friend rushed down from his room to help his friend.

The two victims confronted the gang outside the entrance to a Nisa shop on Virginia Quay where a argument took place between the victims and the gang.

While they were arguing the 16 year old took out a bottle from his bag and passed it to Miah. Kaha Miah then unscrewed the lid of the bottle and threw the acid into the faces of the victims.

The first victims face and shoulder started to instantly burn. The strength of the acid was so strong that it melted his top.

The second victim had acid all over his face causing him to lose twenty percent of his vision and severe burns to his face.

The victims ran and left the scene while suffering from excruciating pain from the burns. The patrolling officers of Tower Hamlet found the two victims screaming and called for medical assistance.

The two victims were taken too East London Hospital before being transferred to Moorfield Eye Hospital.

The victims will now have to suffer life changing injuries with visible scares and psychological stress as a result of the acid attack.

Kaha Miah handed himself to the authorities when the police went to his house to arrest him.

The other person involved was arrested on the day of the assault.

Detective Sergeant Richard Lewsley, investigation officer from Tower Hamlets CID, said: “Whilst this sentence provides a degree of justice for the victims and reflects how seriously the police and courts view the possession of noxious substances, I am acutely aware of the devastating impact that attacks of this nature have upon victims.

“The sentence received reinforces the police view that any incident of this nature, or any possession of these type of substances will be investigated thoroughly. I would urge anyone carrying or considering carrying a noxious substance to reflect upon the sentence received today.

“These substances can, and unfortunately are, used in the commission of crimes which have a huge and lasting impact on victims.”

Nicholas Coates, from CPS London, said: “Both defendants knew that the bottle contained sulphuric acid and the extreme damage it would cause if it was thrown.

“The victims have been scarred for life with serious physical and psychological injuries.

“When people use acid as a weapon, the CPS will work with the police to present a strong case in court, to make sure offenders face the consequences of their crime.”