A owner of a shop has been jailed for kidnapping and blackmailing a friend that was known to him for a very long time over a £10,000 debt from a business.

Suhayl Khan, 32, and Paul Gill, 32, both knew ‘longlife freind’ Sanjay Mitra, when they kidnapped him on the 26th April last year heard Bradford Crown Court.

CPS Rebecca Young told Bradford Crown Court that victim Sanjay Mitra was described as ”family” when Paul Gill rented the Convenience shop of him in 2014. A agreement was made for Mr Sanjay Mitra to pay the rent and takeover the business accounts that were in Paul Gill’s name.

She further told the court that Mr Sanjay Mitra was worried that the lease of he shop will never be signed over to him, which later caused problems and disagreements and caused him to walk away in 2016 January.

Mr Mitra then spent some time away in India when he started receiving distressing text messages from Suhayl Khan saying he needs to pay money owed to Paul Gill.

CPS Miss Young told the courts, Mr Mitra had then changed his phone number and heard nothing of the pair until 26th April when he went to visit a cousin of his, Satinder Singh who owned a Bargain Booze shop.

Suhayl Khan was waiting for Mr Mitra at the bargain Booze shop where he confronted him and told him, Paul Gill wanted to talk to him at his shop in Birkenshaw.

When Mr Mitra arrived at Paul gill’s shop, Gill locked the shutters and confronted Mr Mitra saying why has he not payed the £10,000 owed to him.

CPS Miss young told the court: “Mr Gill said he would have to break an arm or a leg to get payment.”

Mr Mitra was then put in a car where he was constantly threatened.

They then pulled up in Bradford where two unknown men got out of a vehicle and attacked Mr Mitra, punching him twice in the face.

The court heard, calls were then made to the mother of the victim to gather up the money.

Mr Sanjay Mitra had got the police involved when further threats of violence were made against him.

Suhayl Khan of Pudsey and Paul Gill of Derby both pleaded guilty to Kidnap and blackmailing with Khan admitting another charge where he intimidated a witness, Mr Satinder Singh.

Anthony Kelbrick, defending Mr Paul Gill, said the problems started when Mr Mitra had “walked away from a business he had allowed to deteriorate to a significant extent.”

He further said Paul Gill had turned over £30,000 from the business but Mr Sanjay Mitra had turned that amount into £9,000 loss.

He then said: “Here was a man who had cost him a huge amount of money and he wanted it rectified. Initially it was not an unfriendly meeting, the complainant was free to leave. We then see an example of how easy it is for things to get out-of-hand.”

Alasdair Campbell defending Mr Suhayl Khan, said that whole incident lasted around six hours and the time Mr Sanjay Mitra was detained was significantly short and the pair did not plan this, it was a “innocent meeting that spiralled out of control.”

Suhayl Khan was sentenced to serve six years behind bars and Paul Gill to six and half years.

Judge Colin Burn said: “You both used blackmail and kidnap in order to pursue a debt. Although that debt was legitimate, the means you used to recover it were far from it. Your methods were used to intimidate and threaten. You are both family men. It is hardly credible that you both behaved in this crude and violent way to someone who was known to you.”