Rajinder Singh of Dalston and Mohammed Sadek Malek of Hackney were jailed for 15 months and 11 months respectively at the old Bailey.

Sadek Malek pleaded guilty and Mr Singh was found guilty of Fraud and theft by the jury.

Mr Singh was taxi touting on the night when he picked up the victim after a night out and drop him at his house.

When the victim woke up in the morning he realised his SIM card and a credit card was missing.

After dropping the victim, Mr Singh picked up his friend Sadek Malek and went on shopping spree.

They bought goods worth £3,633.89 with the victims credit card, they also attempted a further £1,912 of transaction but were declined.

Mr Singh used the victims SIM card to authorise the transactions.

Detectives used the phone location to track down Mr Sadek Malek and Mr Singh.

Passing sentence, Recorder Simon Farrell QC said the victim had been in a ‘most vulnerable state’ and had placed his trust in Singh, who then went on to abuse this.

Detective Constable Oliver Gent from the City of London Police said: “Singh preyed on his victim, stole his credit card and used it, with Malek’s help, to spend thousands all around London.

“A sinister feature of this case was Singh’s forethought in taking the victim’s SIM card; this showed a degree of sophistication and planning.

“This investigation hinged on the evidence that the City of London Digital Investigation Unit were able to provide. Thanks to the hard work of all those involved these two men have been brought to justice.”