A woman and a man has been arrested and jailed for robing an elderly former Ghurka soldier in Woolwich.

Jaspal Singh, 30, of Littlemore Road SE2 was found guilty of robbery.

Kelly Rogers, 36, Greenwich South Street SE10 pleaded guilty to robbery.

Jaspal Singh and Kelly Rogers followed a 75 year old former soldier to his house in Bentham house, Station Way.

They robbed the 75 year old of a wallet which contained his ID cards, £80 cash and a valuable gold medal which had great sentimental value to the soldier.

The victim’s hand was injured in the robbery but was not serious and did not require hospital treatment.

Officers from Greenwich arrived quickly at the crime scene, and with the help of CCTV, were able to identify the robbers and trace them to their house.

Two other associates of the robbers who were unconnected in this robbery led police to them.

The duo were arrested after the looted items were found at their flat.

Jaspal Singh denied involvement and blamed his associates for everything.

After a week-long trial Jaspal Singh was sentenced to five years in prison at Woolwich Crown Court.


Kelly Rogers did not appear in court but was arrested by police and brought to court.

She was in Police custody and was produced in front of a Judge at Woolwich Crown Court where she pleaded guilty and sentenced to three years in prison.

Detective Constable Deborah Jones of Greenwich CID said: “I have spoken with the victim, and he is pleased and extremely relieved that this callous pair have been sentenced to a combined eight years in jail.”

“The Met and the army charity SSAFA are working very closely together to ensure that the Nepalese community, in Greenwich and elsewhere, get all the support that they need to ensure that any perpetrators of crime against this community are brought to justice.”