Bhupinder Randhawa, 37, lied at a trial, under oath has been jailed along with his brother Paulvinder Randhawa, 46, for charges of perjury.

Paulvinder Randhawa, from Wembley and Bhupinder Randhawa from Hounslow were sentenced at Southwark Crown Court on Friday Dec 1st.

The jury heard: during an enforcement proceeding at the Family Division High Court, Bhupinder claimed that he had given his ex-wife £40,000 in cash at a Pizza Hut in Slough.

During the trial, the lie was supported by Paulvinder the older brother, who said under oath that he was the one who gave Bhupinder the £40,000 so he could make the payment.

The High Court suspected offences of perjury from the brothers and the case was handed over to the Met Police from the Westminster Serious Crime Unit.

The two brothers testified, the money had been drawn from a casino in London which later claimed by the police to be false.

The police led an investigation and said: No London Casino had made any cash payment of £40,000 to anyone during 2013.

Paulvinder and Bhupinder were both found guilty of perjury and were both sentenced to serve 21 months in prison.

Detective Constable Stephen Bourne, who led the investigation against the pair, said: “Bhupinder’s motive was clear – he did not want to pay his ex-wife the money that was rightfully hers.

“Paulvinder, under a misguided sense of loyalty to his brother, attempted to corroborate Bhupinder’s lie.

“The jury were able to see the falsity of their claims. Perjury strikes at the heart of the criminal justice system and the verdict reflects the serious nature of this offence.”