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Tommy Robinson was accused of ‘spouting sh**e’ on the campaign trail yesterday by a mother pushing a pram he accosted in the street.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, is running as an independent candidate in the north west in this month’s European elections.

Trying to win votes in Salford, Greater Manchester yesterday he got embroiled in a row with a woman over his overturned conviction for contempt of court.

But the mother took him to task and asked him whether he would have got involved in the trial ‘if they were a group of white men’ – and not Asian.

The heated exchange was caught on camera by passer-by Matthew Gaskell and uploaded to social media where it has been shared thousands of times.

Hundreds of commenters congratulated the mother for speaking ‘common sense’ and slammed Robinson for targeting her when she was with her baby.

Mr Gaskell, 36, who was shopping in the area at the time, told MailOnline: ‘I wanted people to know what he’s doing and to show everyone he’s not as popular as he thinks he is.

‘He’s targeting poor areas of Salford and Wythenshawe and trying to groom them to hate Muslims. It’s nothing but racism.’

The 36-year-old came out of one of the shops to find Robinson arguing with the woman about why he got involved in the Huddersfield trial. 

He added: ‘He’d targeted this woman with a baby, it’s shameful.

‘He was talking about paedophiles, but I said to him, there’s more middle aged white men who are paedophiles than Asian men.

‘Then I shouted “what about the church gangs”, but he just kept coming back to the same issue.’

Sharing the clip on Facebook, he wrote: ‘She’s a star whoever she is.’

One person responded: ‘Love how she tells him straight lol,’ while another wrote: ‘Well said this lady!’

Another person commented: ‘So heartwarming to see people do not welcome those kind of views in their towns.’

Robinson was convicted and jailed for contempt of court after live-streaming prejudicial statements outside Leeds Crown Court during a rape trial in mid-2018.

He later appealed and managed to quash the conviction, but the Attorney General has since said he should face another trial.

Robinson could be jailed after Geoffrey Cox QC’s intervention if found guilty of contempt when the case is heard later this month.

He is standing as an independent candidate in the north west of England, where he is targeting ‘working class’ communities.

The 36-year-old father-of-three is allowed to stand for office despite his conviction – because he served less than a year in prison.

Robinson told crowds of around 300 people in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester, last week: ‘This is one of the working class estates which has been betrayed and politicians need to understand our power as a working class community.

‘If you want to leave the European Union then you need to vote for me.

‘The reason we are betrayed is because we don’t vote – I’ve never voted because there is no one to vote for. We need to take their seats.

‘Over the next four weeks I will travel a roadshow to the working class communities of the North West.’

He promised residents a ‘David versus Goliath’ battle to represent underprivileged communities and took a swipe at Nigel Farage, branding him ‘Just another millionaire who looks down at the working classes’.

Manchester faith leaders and MPs have united to condemn Robinson’s political activity in the area..

A joint open letter says Robinson and ‘far-right political views are not welcome in our town and our great city.

‘We want to make this statement about Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, also known as Tommy Robinson.

‘Together, on behalf of our community, we felt it necessary to speak out against his visit.

‘We are firm in our belief that violence and racism have no place in our political discourse’.