Patrick Middleton, 34, carried out violent attacks on his ex girlfriend in her own house. The attack lasted 5 hours.

Patrick Middleton was sentenced to jail for 2 years at Leeds Crown Court.

Patrick had installed a tracking app on the victim’s mobile phone after she broke up with him in December.

The court was told, the victim was out with friends on Dec 23, when she returned home Patrick was waiting for her at her house.

Patrick forced the victim into a dog cage with a knife to her throat.

The victim’s fingers suffered deep cuts when she tried to grab the knife.

Patrick then grabbed the victim from the hair and dragged her.

“He punched the complainant a number of times throughout the five-hour ordeal while she was captive in the residence.”

Patrick was high on cocaine and snorted more throughout the incident.

Patrick took the victim’s bracelet, ring and mobile phone, he broke the phone and took out the sim card and swallowed it.

After the attack, the victim told police: “I have never been so scared in all my life. I thought he was going to kill me.”

The court heard that Patrick had assaulted another woman about two weeks ago, after she broke up with him.

Patrick pleaded guilty to 2 counts of assault amounting to gross bodily harm.

Mark McKone, mitigating, said: “It’s apparent to him that he fell in love with this complainant to such an extent that it caused him to behave irrationally when he thought the relationship was breaking down.”