Three men have been sentenced to over 12 years imprisonment for kidnapping, bodily harm and threatening a man.

Shamsul Alam 20 years old was sentenced to four years and 6 months in prison for ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) and kidnap.

Salman Shaon 35 years old was sentenced to four years for ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) and kidnap.

Shakir Miah 20 years old was sentenced to four years in prison for ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) and Kidnap

All three men were sentenced on Friday 1st Dec at Inner Crown Court in London.

Earlier trial in 2017 at Snaresbrook Crown Court  found the three men guilty of Kidnap and ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) and sentenced at inner crown Court, London.

26th June 2016, the victim, 19 year old man was at his house in East London where a female friend of his texted him to meet up at a location.

When they met, an Audi A4 silver approached and the men in the car started abusing and shouting from the car window.

Two men then got out of the car and one man then put the victim in a headlock and the other forced him into the car. The Audi A4 then left the scene. Witness nearby provided the Police with the registration of the car.

The victim was then robbed by Alam and Miah and beat by Salman Shaon with a belt buckle as the car was moving.

The victim told he was frightened for his life when he was told that he would be shot and will not be going home.

The Audi A4 was shortly pulled over the by the police as a result of an ANPR activation and all the men arrested.

The victim was arrested along with the rest of the men before the police were told that what had happened and he was the victim.

Shaon, Alam and Miah were all charged in February 2017 and sentenced, 1st December 2018.

Detective Constable Tomasz Patzer, of Tower Hamlets CID, who led the investigation, said: “We are very pleased to have secured this sentencing for what was a frightening ordeal that continues to traumatise the victim. We hope this sentencing allows him to move on with his life, and that imprisonment will allow Miah, Alam and Shaon to reflect upon the seriousness of what they have done.”

Speaking anonymously, the victim said: “I am scared in the night that my kidnappers are going to knock at my door and hurt my and my family. As it happened in my home area I am scared to go out on my own because I fear it happening again.”