Unbelievable footage of delivery man flipping the script on his attackers.

Its surprising anyone is stupid enough to try to rob the pizza guy at their own house.

Video shows men standing by a doorstep talking to a pizza delivery guy. One man was accusing him of ‘fvcking with his bitch’. After a couple of swearing, the accuser tells one of his guy to grab the pizza.

Delivery man didn’t give much fight as a guy take the pizza from him. Since they don’t seem to have plans to pay, he pulled out a gun hidden on his pants.

The once helpless delivery guy turned the situation around. He tells them to get on the ground while pointing the gun at them. He takes back his pizza, but carelessly throws it away too. He also decided to rob the men, took their cellphones.

A woman from inside the house tried to intervene, but failed. The delivery guy walked away carrying his pizza with him.