Masood Zaman, 56, revealed how a young gang terrorised him holding a machete to his head in a terrifying five hour carjacking in east London

The young gang of four aged from 15 to 17 robbed over £1000 in cash and mobile phones from Mr Zaman who recently had a heart surgery.

Mr Zaman said: “They were tiny kids, they weren’t in masks or anything. I set off and they told me to stop, one of them grabbed me from behind and kept shouting, ‘Give me your keys.’

“Another got out and held this huge machete to my temple, I had never seen a knife so big. I thought about resisting but I had just recovered from heart bypass surgery. If they hit me with that knife even once I could have died.”

Earlier that day at 6am the same gang got onto Mohammed Rahman’s taxi in East ham. They robbed him at knife point and took all his cash and his car.

The gang then took the car terrorising other motorists on the roads. Mr Rahman’s phone and sat nav were not recovered and could not return to work due to injury.

He said: “I was scared for my life. They slapped and punched me to the ground. Every day I think about it.” The boys also followed a woman in a Mercedes and boxed her in in a drive in Barking. She was threatened with a machete, but deterred the youths by sounding her horn”.

Another victim of the gang Mohammed Ahmed had just parked him BMW around 11am in Upton Park.

The gang held a machete to his throat and forced him out of the car. The gang then led police on a high speed pursuit before getting arrested.

Sentencing the youths, Judge Sheelagh Canavan said: “This must have been terrifying for everyone involved.”

The young boys pleaded guilty to 3 counts of robbery, 1 count of attempted theft, 1 count of threatening a person with sharp blade. The driver of the pursuit also pleaded guilty to driving offences.

The 16 and 17 year old were sentenced to 48 months in a youth detention.

The other two aged 15 and 17 were given 36 months each.