Faisal Younis, 31, has been jailed for 14 years at Bradford Crown Court after he was caught with a rucksack containing firearms including a compact machine gun, a Bruni automatic pistol, a Reck Miami automatic pistol and ammunition.

Faisal was transporting the firearms in a VW Golf private hire taxi. He was stopped by police officers in a planned operation.

Prosecutor Nicholas Askins told Bradford Crown Court that the compact machine gun was loaded and contained 20 9mm bullets.

The other guns were empty but the ammunition Faisal was caught with were compatible to be used in all three firearms.

After Faisal was arrested, police searched his house in Dewsbury which was used as a storage facility and found cocaine and heroin worth over £90,000 and a shotgun.

Before sentencing Faisal, Recorder Ray Singh asked if any of the weapons found on Faisal had been linked to any crime in the area.

“Police records show that in the period from the 1st of April 2017 to the 29th of August 2017 there were 11 firearms discharges in the Kirklees area of West Yorkshire,” said Mr Askins.

“None of the seized firearms have been linked to any discharge.”

Faisal who has a prior conviction of possession of cannabis pleaded guilty to possession of prohibited firearms, ammunition, and drugs. He also pleaded guilty to one count of possession of firearm with intent to endanger life.

CCTV footage revealed Faisal leaving his home with a rucksack just minutes before he was stopped by officers in a private hire taxi.

“You must appreciate that you have pleaded guilty to very serious and significant criminal offending,” the judge told Faisal.

The Judge described the compact machine gun as a very dangerous weapon.

“Those firearms would undoubtedly be used to intimidate, used to kill, used to maim,” he told Faisal.

He also ordered all firearm and drugs seized to be destroyed.

Det Insp Heather Whoriskey of the Protective Services (Crime) Department, welcomed the sentence.

She said: “Younis belongs in prison for what he did. Gun and drug crime will not be tolerated by West Yorkshire Police and if you involve yourself in such offences then you can expect to face the full force of the criminal justice system.

“If you suspect criminal activity in your community let us know so we can take action.

“A loaded Mach 10 submachine gun, two hand guns and ammunition for both as well as 1.5kg of heroin and 139g of crack cocaine have now been taken off of the streets.”