A married taxi driver took a teenage girl to his home and raped her. The driver named Katar Shahin aged 40 later declared lady a prostitute and said that she paid him £20 for having pleasurable sex, which came to be a pure lie later on.

After picking her up, he took her first to nearest McDonalds for some food and later taking her to his own house in Hafod Swansea.

The girl mentioned in her statements that she was walking on the road after spending full night with her friends and was highly drunk. Moreover, she had consumed cannabis as well as sleeping tablets too. Then, she saw a taxi coming to her side where Shahin was driving towards McDonalds asking her for the lift if needed.

The teenager clearly refused claiming that she had no money but the driver agreed on dropping her home with no charges. The girl further cleared to the jury that she had agreed only on the basis of the fact that every taxi at Swansea was supposed to have CCTV with respect to safety.

Teenager further added that Shahin also offered her a Coke at McDonalds and also took something to eat for himself claiming that he had to go somewhere before dropping her. She further added that the driver said to her that he could not leave her alone in the car so she agreed to go with him to his house.

According to her, after reaching Shahin’s house, he offered her alcohol and drinks but she clearly refused and later he started kissing and fondling her. She showed lots of resistance and later got unconscious due to high intoxication. Next day, when she woke up, she found herself in driver’s home, nude with a condom lying on the floor realising that she was raped last night.

Once sober and at home, she called the police and explained the event in detail.

Due to high alcohol intakes, girl did not remember complete details but she remembered the house number as well as the area she was taken to. Police officials traced the driver with the information provided by the victim and took him into custody and finding used condom inside his house.

Shahin claimed that he had masturbated in the condom after giving her a lift and later called her a prostitute. So, these two different statements were straight rejected by the Jury finding him purely guilty.

Katar Shain jailed for 10 years ‘WALES NEWS SERVICE’

His lawyer tried defending him a lot saying that he had no intentions for rape or had no past evidences of such crimes but the evidences against him were more than enough. Jury rejected all his claims and said that he took her to McDonalds to just check her moods and nature or simply preparing her for sex and he took the best advantage of her intoxication.

They sentenced him 10 years prison and put his name in sex offending list for rest of his life. Last but not the least; victim was praised by the Jury and CID detectives claiming that she had helped them a lot in solving the case notifying them in time and was supported by highly professional officials throughout for collecting evidences and all conversations required.

It should be noted that the driver Shahin was married and he still did the same without realising his marital status.