This is the sickening moment a Syrian refugee was attacked inside a high school bathroom by a bully who reportedly wanted to vape inside the stall that was occupied by the victim.

In a video posted on Facebook by high school senior, Alexis Work, the 14-year-old victim is seen walking out of the stall when she’s confronted by another teen at Chartiers Valley High School in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania.

During the first few moments of the video, it’s hard to make out exactly what the two are saying to one another, but at one point, the teen in the lavender sweater threatens the hijab-wearing victim.

‘You’re lucky you’re from another language because I will crush you b***h,’ the girl in the sweater yells.

She then pushed the girl backwards into the stall and began pummeling her in the head.

‘I’m not punching you, you punched me first,’ yelled the victim.

The victim managed to get a couple of punches after realizing the bully wasn’t going to stop.

In the video, the sweater-wearing girl continued attacking the student, even as she fell to the floor and screamed: ‘Leave me alone.’

Eventually, the video ended with the person recording walking out of the bathroom.

But according to Work, who shared the incident online on Saturday, the fighting continued even after the clip ends.

The victim ended up with a concussion and severe bruising once the fight was finally over. 

Work told WTAE that the attacker ‘is suspended from school until Thursday and has a court hearing on Thursday, in which the school is going to attempt to expel her’.

She said in her Facebook post that she was ‘livid’ after watching the video for the first time.

Work, who wasn’t there, said she obtained the video from another student.

According to WTAE, the Council on American-Islamic Relations is now calling for a state and federal investigation because the student who was attacked is Muslim.

The council believes the incident was a hate crime.

However, the Collier Township police, who are investigating the incident, say they’re ruling out a hate crime.

Collier Police Chief Craig said that criminal charges are pending.

The Chartiers Valley School District released a statement condemning the attacker’s actions.

‘Chartiers Valley School District does not condone or tolerate violence of any kind and will enforce consequences to the fullest extent,’ the school said.

‘The District considers matters of student safety and security to be of utmost importance and strives to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment for all of its students and staff.’