‘Steal to order’ robbers found guilty of robbery following a trial and were sentenced to 11 years collectively.

Adam Takolia, 20, and Junaid Khan, 21, stole a high-performance Seat Leon Cupra after they followed it until it stopped at a driveway of a house in Skipton.

When the vehicle stopped they confronted the lone driver, a vulnerable woman. Who happened to be driving her son’s modified car.

They were wearing balaclavas at the time of robbery and driving a rented Seat Leon.

They court was told they held, possibly a screw driver, to the victim’s chest and stole the car.

Parts of the stolen Cupra were later found in Bradford.

While sentencing the duo, a judge expressed his growing concern over the use of hire cars in serious crime.

Recorder of Bradford Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC described the robbery as a “planned, targeted offence involving “stealing to order.”

The judge said “the victim was left utterly distressed and shocked by the incident and the vehicle had now gone”.

“You targeted a vulnerable lady on her own”.

“At her home, in her driveway alone and you carried out your planned expedition with a degree of skill that is chilling. And you have shown no remorse…not an iota.”

Khan, of Folkestone Street, Bradford Moor, was sentenced to five years and Takolia of Farleton Drive, Fagley, was sentenced to six years in prison.

Takolia was given a year more after the judge was told about his previous crimes including robberies, dangerous driving and drug related offences.

After the defendants were taken into custody the judge was asked about the return of the Seat Leon, but he said the court was becoming increasingly concerned about the availability of hire cars to criminals for use in organised crime and drugs matters. He said he was not prepared to make an order for the return of the Leon at this stage.