He killed his daughter after quarrelling with his wife at their home in Hamburg City, Germany.

Sohail who left Germany after cutting his two year old daughter’s throat has been arrested in Spain.

Spanish Police arrested Sohail, 33, with the help of Interpol after a week .

Police in Hamburg thought he has fled to UK as he has relatives there and hence notified UK authorities.

German Police didn’t have a trace of him until authorities in Spain caught him on Sunday around 12 PM in San Sebastian.

HE will now be handed over to Interpol to be deported back to Germany.

It has been reported that his wife went to the police to report him for domestic violence for third time in a week, while their daughter was with him at home.

When she returned with officers, Sohail had fled after killing their daughter Ayesha.

Police confirmed that he applied for asylum about 6 years ago and was rejected but still stayed in Germany illegally.

He was spotted at Hamburg main train station from where trains could take you to anywhere on the continent.

The case has given Germany’s right wing groups an opportunity as to why is Germany so lenient to rejected asylum seekers

Over hundreds of rejected asylum seekers are still living in Germany expoliting loopholes in the county’s law

Sohail arrived in Germany from Pakistan and applied for asylum on 12 Dec, 2011.

Within a month his asylum case was rejected and was to be deported to Pakistan on 11 July 2012 which never happened.

While he was waiting for deportation, He made acquaintance with Lubna, they both got married and had a daughter Named Ayesha.

In April last year he applied gain to the administrative court in Hamburg to be allowed to stay in the country.

He Case was open and passed on to the youth authorities.

The youth authorities reported back that he was not worthy of Living in the country and will make his family’s life worse.