Raja Ali, 33, was stabbed to death by a brutal gang when he was parked up his car in Dagenham, East London.

Drug dealer Raja Ali was tricked to come to a Stansgate Road, where he sat with two other friends waiting for a drug deal when a vehicle slams behind him and another vehicle comes to the drivers side of Ali’s vehicle to block them driving off.

once they had Ali’s vehicle blocked off, several armed men jumped out and immediately started to attack Ali with hammers and bats.

When Ali tried to run, he was chased and murdered.

The gang took Ali’s mobile phone after the attack taking all his drug connections giving them hundreds of new customers to sell drugs to.

Five men involved in the attack have been sent to prison for their involvement but the two men who murdered Ali are still at large.

Daniel Welch, 34, Zakar Yunas, 22, Abubaker Bana, 26, Jordan Archambie, 21 and Mussa Jalo, 20, were all sent to prison for a total of 43 years

Abubaker Bana was the main mind behind the attack. He slammed his vehicle at the back of Ali’s car, while Mussa Jalo, passenger attacked Ali with a baseball bat and a hammer.

Abubaker used Daniel to set Ali up while Zakar Yunas, and Jordon Archambie were in the Renault Megane and blocked Ali’s vehicle before attacking him

All five men were cleared of the murder charges after a eight week trial at the Old Bailey.

AbuBaker was found guilty of one count of manslaughter and was sentenced to 15 years and one count of violent disorder and given another three year sentence to run concurrent.

Archambie was found guilty of one count of manslaughter and jailed for 12 years.

Daniel welch and Mussa Jalo were found guilty of violent disorder and was sent to prison for three years.

Zakar Yunas was found guilty of one count of violent disorder and was sent to prison for four years.

Two other men Navarda Rhooms 25 and Haziq Raza 23 have left the country to escape prison for murder charges.

Judge Christopher Moss QC said: “On the 25 September last year the deceased, Raja Ali, a Class A drugs dealer and leader of his drugs gang, was lured to a street in Dagenham on the pretence of a drugs deal.

“His car was rammed by you, Abubaker Bana, with considerable force.

“The victim’s car was then blocked in by a Renault Megane.

“The victim’s car, already badly damaged by the deliberate collision, was then attacked by those present, or most of them, with a variety of weapons.”

He further added: “He was plainly murdered. It’s right to say that there is no reliable evidence that either of you, Jordan Archambie or Zakar Yunas, were armed with a knife.

“The two prime suspects for the murder of the victim fled the jurisdiction soon afterwards and have not been apprehended.

“You, Abubakar Bana, were a leading member of a rival Class A drug gang which employed as part of the group the remaining defendants, except Daniel Welch.”

The judge also said: “targeted ambush, carefully organised in the context of protecting a gang’s supply line of Class A drugs”.