A thug has been jailed for 14 years for killing a man with a baseball bat. 

Emdadul Islam, 23, was sentenced on 1 May at the Old Bailey to serve 14 years behind bars. He pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon at the beginning of the trial and was handed a 24 month jail term to run concurrently

The court later found him guilty of the manslaughter of Titu Miah, 31 during the trial at the same court.

During the investigation, CCTV footage was checked and the detectives found Emdadul Islam on the scene when he struck Titu Miah in a fight he was not involved in.

Victim Titu Miah was hit really hard over the head with a baseball bat during a fight that involved a gang of other men in October 2017. (Scroll Down for video)

He was rushed to east London hospital where he died five days later.

Islam handed himself into the police station on 22 October where he was charged the following day.

A post mortem report told Mr Tiu Miah suffered a fractured skull and the head injury was the primary cause of his death.

Detective Sergeant Perry Benton, who led the investigation, said: “It appears that Islam was not involved in the initial fight which Titu was a part of, but he took it upon himself to casually arm himself with a baseball bat and carry out an alarming, sudden attack on Titu which resulted in a critical head injury from which he could not recover”.

Titu Miah’s wife Shabina Patel, said: “Losing my husband has left me in a place where I am barely coping. I am heavily depressed and am still struggling to sleep and eat since it happened.

”This loss is something I cannot have prepared for and is mentally really straining. Especially as I did not imagine him to pass away at a young healthy age by getting attacked. This has highly impacted myself and my family in ways I never expected. After his death, I have been staying with my parents and trying to adjust my life with these circumstances. Six months on, I have only just managed to move myself home with my kids to attempt to carry on with our daily life.

”I can see the huge struggle of not having my husband more day by day as it has severely affected our normal lifestyle. My seven-year-old daughter, was extremely close with her father and it breaks my heart seeing her pain without him here. My husband always ensured our children were happy and they saw him like a friend. Similarly my other son is struggling without his father too. He is going through ongoing eye treatment for his severe eye condition and is lacking motivation and belief without his father by his side.

”Without my husband in my life, sadly I am not sure how I will be able to move on and grieve for my loss properly. We all deeply miss him every day and I am unaware of how much longer I can live like this and how my children can handle any more sadness.”

Footage of Emdadul Islam striking Titu Miah with a baseball bat.