Shezan Shabir, 25 years old used Gumtree site to tests drive high performance cars in Dewsbury and Bradford then driving off with them, has been locked up for over three years.

He targeted a £9,000 Audi A3 that was on for sale on Gumtree. Shabir set up a appointment with the owner to test drive the vehicle. When Shabir arrived for the test drive he tricked the owner to look at a mark on the roof of the vehicle then drove off.

Bradford Crown Court heard the stolen Audi A3 has not been recovered and days later Shabir attempted to steal another vehicle belonging to a student of Huddersfield University.

The car-jacker told the student to get out of his own car because he is carrying a knife and was going to stab and kill him if he didn’t comply.

Shabir then pushed the owner of the vehicle out on to the road then tried to make off, but was unable to move off the car.

Prosecutor Oliver Thorne said, failure to move off with the car, Shabir then gets into a get away vehicle then drive off.

Shezan Shabir worked as a delivery driver for a takeaway.

The student described in a victim impact statement how the attempted robbery had caused him anxiety and led his to miss an important exam.

Shezan Shabir of Dewsbury pleaded guilty to the offences of attempted robbery and theft and the CPS dropped a further offence of a car theft in Bradford due to a witness not turning up in court.

Shabir was locked up for three years in 2011 for another attempted robbery involving an fake firearm heard Bradford Crown Court.

Shabirs barrister, Tom Storey said, any cash Shabir stole from the offences were spent on partying with his girlfriend who has left him because of his crimes.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said, Shabir worked out a plan to check Gumtree site for attractive cars and then committed offences under the lie of buying them and taking a test drive.

He was sentenced to serve three years in prison at Bradford Crown Court.