Liegh McMillan, 46, a senior member of the English defence league groomed a 10 year old schoolgirl by offering her cigarettes and drugs and then sexually abused her dozens of times has been jailed for 17 years.

Liegh McMillan subjected his victim to a “spiral of sexual abuse” in the mid 90’s, the Old Bailey Heard.

McMillan attacked the girl as she lay on her mother’s bed and warned: “You mustn’t tell your mum – she’d be really upset.”

He sexually abused the schoolgirl over a 100 times during the 5 year period.

Prosecutor Jane Carpenter told jurors the girl “felt as if every day was Groundhog Day” and described her own ordeal as a “spiral of abuse”.

In a victim impact statement the young girl said she had not control over her own life.

In Sept 2016 Liegh McMillan was arrested and convicted of 2 counts of indecency with a child, 1 count of attempted rape and 3 counts of indecent assault.

“What you did was entirely devoid of any form of consent,” Judge Bruce Houlder said, describing how McMillan had “deprived her of a natural childhood”, “ruined her relationship with men” and left her with a “terrible legacy” of abuse due to his “warped and persistent attacks”.

Judge Bruce Houlder QC, sentenced him to 17 years in jail and sign the sex offenders register for life.

Hope Not hate, the anti-fascist group which keeps an eye on EDL’s activities claimed that McMillan was a key senior member of EDL.

They said McMillan was the Lead Figure in organising the Lee Rigby campaign.

They also said that EDL is doing everything possible to hide McMillan’s abuse.

EDL have not yet commented on the issue.