A private school told a “vulnerable” young pupil her name will be released to the public if she wanted to deal publicly with the allegation that a sports coach kissed her.

The victim claims when she complained about Ajaz Karim kissing her to Christ’s Hospital School, she was given 2 options either deal with it publicly and face the risk of being identified or they ask him to leave school.

A video recording of the victim’s interview was played to the court where she revealed a series of incidents that occurred around 1992-1993 while at school.

Ajaz Karim, 63, denies 1 count of attempted indecent assault and 9 counts of indecent assaults against 6 girls aged 14-18.

Ajaz Karim has since been employed by The Queen’s Club, Eton College, The Hurlingham Club and Champneys Health club.

In the interview she said she was given “special (coaching) sessions” with Ajaz.

She added Ajaz gave her massages while she was semi-naked

“When you trust somebody, you go with it. He was a teacher, he was helping me.”

Another time Ajaz pushed her against a wall, the court was told.

She said: “He kissed me on my face and then on my mouth. And I couldn’t move my arms because he was holding them.”

The following term she told a friend to inform the management and headmaster Richard Poulton, deputy head Elizabeth Cairncross and housemaster Bob Sillett only on the condition her name to be kept confidential.

She added she felt “ashamed and uncomfortable” and the reason she told management was so that the matter be kept on record in case anyone else made a complaint about him in the future.

Her friend said other pupils have complained before and teachers knew about her.

The jury was told how the victim was asked to give a written statement to Mr Sillett.

She said: “(He told me) I have a choice. We can either go very public. His (Karim’s) name would be dragged through the press. I was told he was married and has a young family.”

But she said there was an implication her name could be published, adding: “It was just completely not what a 17 or 18-year-old who was trying to do the right thing wanted to hear.

“Or (I was told) we can make it known to him that you have come forward and make him resign.”

She said she chose the latter, adding: “I completely put my trust in them (the school) that they had my best interests at heart.”

Afterwards she said she felt “very isolated” when Ajaz Karim continued to teach her, claiming others were “frustrated” with her when he then left because they had “listened to a load of waffle he had told them”.

She added: “It has taken me a really long time to get my head around it. I have written off a chunk of my life because of my experience.”

Mrs Cairncross who was the deputy head from 1986-2000 said she knew three girls had complained about Ajaz Karim.

Mr Poulton who is the current principal was the child protection officer of the school at that time told court  she don’t remember the other two girls who had complained but when she had a meeting with Ajaz Karim he “strongly denied” any wrong doing

She said: “My memory is that he was given a disciplinary warning by the headmaster. I can’t recall if I reported it to the child protection services or not. It would be recorded at the school. I don’t know if the school still has these records or not.”

She said “after the third complaint was made, Karim was on what would now be described as a “final warning”, adding: “It was regarded it was evidence that his behaviour had in no way changed.”

“He was told to leave the school. He was dismissed.”

The trial continues.