A watchdog have said that the officers who beat an Asian man, striking him several times with a baton, kicked him in the leg and took him to the ground, used reasonable force.

Undercover West Midlands police who wore plain clothes searched a van and found cannabis. They then arrested the two men who were in the van at the time in Birmingham last year July.

During the arrest, bystanders started to argue with the officers when they were told to move back and clear the area, but the situation got confrontational.

One officer pushed a man who got really close to him and then the other men tried to step in.

The man who was pushed away was dragged to the ground by of the officers who then used PAVA spray, kicked him and attacked him with his baton before placing him under arrest.

One of the bystanders who recorded the whole altercation was shouting at the police saying ”You escalated the situation, it was calm. You’ve kicked his leg and now you’re causing tension. You guys are police officers.”

The 20 year old who recorded the altercation was placed under arrest for a public order offence but released under investigation, as for the 28 year old man who was caught with cannabis in his possession was cautioned.

The footage of the whole incident was seen by thousand of people on social media. It had around 200,000 views on Twitter.

The video was shared thousands of times all over Facebook with many people calling it police brutality.

A group called Netpol blamed the police officer of “starting a fight with Asian locals”.

The officers involved were reported for the incident after the video went viral online. The force passed on the incident to the (IOPC) ‘Independent Office for Police Conduct’ and moved the three officers to the back room tasks, temporarily.

After the investigation the ‘Independent Office for Police Conduct’ confirmed the asian man was hit several times with a baton, sprayed by a PAVA spray, kicked by the officer in the leg and tackled to the ground and hand cuffed.

”A man who had been watching the police incident appeared to be reluctant to move when asked to do so by officers and a verbal altercation ensued,” the watchdog said. “It is alleged that the man made several offensive remarks to the officers prior to his arrest.”

The officials interviewed the three police officer who were involved in the altercation with a group of Asian men and tried to locate the man who was restrained but he did not respond back.

The officials were then left to examine the police polices and the video footage that was taken by a mobile phone.

“Based on the evidence available, our opinion was that the force used by the officers was necessary, proportionate and reasonable throughout the situation,” the IOPC concluded. “We found no indication that any person serving with the police may have behaved in a manner that would justify the bringing of disciplinary proceedings.”