Nikki Yianni was subjected to a campaign of abuse by her ex- boyfriend Joe Prasad, a police officer revealed.

Joe Prasad planted drugs in Nikki’s handbag and tipped off police. she was arrested  for drug offences.

She is now rebuilding her life after Prasad was arrested and put behind bars for 7 years for his campaign against her.

Nikki, 30, said: ‘Never in a million years would I think anyone could do to another human being what Joe did to me. ‘It has shown me how domestic abuse does not have to be physical, it can be mental. These drugs kept appearing on me and I’ve never taken any in my life. I thought I was going crazy.’

Nikki a mother of two has come forward in a bid to help any other woman trapped in the same place as her.

While they were together, Prasad would go through her phone and read her messages, He once sent her revealing image to his friends.

In June when a police officer searched Nikki’s bag while she was with her daughter and Prasad, they found ecstasy pills. Police arrested Nikki and Prasad but forensic investigation revealed that the pills had Prasad’s fingerprints all over.

Nikki was released after 13 hours in a cell.

Nikki was having problem with her ex-boyfriend when she met Prasad who was a police officer from Scotland Yard’s Specialist Crime and Operations Unit.

Nikki who later joined the police force started dating Prasad but their relation started having problems after Nikki joined the police force which made Prasad jealous.

Nikki said: ‘He wasn’t happy and said I didn’t pay him enough attention. ‘One night I came home at 10.30pm and he complained that I was on my phone. I chucked it over to him and told him to stop complaining and he immediately started reading my texts.’

Parsad sent her revaling images to her colleagues and told them she was taking drugs. The ordeal ended when Prasad was arrested for planting ecstasy in her bag.

Last August Prasad was jailed after being found guilty of perverting the course of justice and conspiracy at Lewes Crown Court. His brother Dominic, 27, who he enlisted for help in his plot, was jailed for three years for conspiracy.

Nikki is now in a happy relationship with another officer, James Aspland.