A “CONFIDENT, clever and intelligent” woman rang her family for help just before she was murdered at her house, the court was told.

Atual Mustafa, 36, charged with the murder of his wife Sohbia khan, is on trial at Derby Crown Court

Atual Mustafa pleads not guilty to murder.

Miss Sohbia Tabasim Khan had two sisters and two brothers.

Her family members had expressed the loss of their daughter, saying they were “devastated” when they found out their daughter was no more.

Javed Khan, brother of Sobhia Tabasim Khan told that the family were in a state of shock  when they heard that their daughter is dead.

On the previous hearing the court was told how Atual lured his former wife from Bradford to their Derby house and then beat her.

On day three Miss Sohbia Khan’s elder brother, Javed Khan came forward to give evidence.

The court was told how Miss Sohbia Khan rang her family for help just before she was murdered.

Michael Auty, prosecuting asked Mr Khan if he agreed that his sister was “confident, clever, intelligent and bubbly”. Mr Khan agreed.

Mr Auty opened the case with describing Atual as “controlling”.

On Monday, Mr Auty said: “The day after Sohbia left Bradford for Derby, all her Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat (accounts) were deactivated.”

When the prosecutor asked Mr Khan, was his sister socially active: He replied “very much so.”

The court was told about Miss Sohbia Khan’s life. She was described as a hardworking woman and she liked working with children.

Mr Khan added his sister never wore a burka or a nikab.

He further added: “She very much did know her own mind. She was the only one who could answer me back.”

The court heard Miss Sohbia Khan was married for 7 years and after separation she moved back to her family house in Bradford.

He said: “After her marriage had failed, as far as you could tell, was she optimistic about finding someone in the future?”

Mr Khan replied: “Yes. The marriage ended amicably.

“She always wanted children.”

Giving details of the death to Assistant Coroner Rachel Syed, DC Wayne Neal said: ”The circumstances are that at 9.50pm on Saturday, May 27, a call came to the police from a member of the public to report an incident at an address at Pear Tree Crescent.

”Police attended that location at 1.30am where they discovered an adult female at the address. Paramedics attended the address and death was recorded by paramedics at 2.08am.”

Miss Sohbia Khan was found dead in a bath tub and her body was covered with a shower curtain and a towel.

Mr Auty explained the result of the post mortem to the court.

Mr Auty told the court it was “perfectly possible” the defendant had “beaten her unconscious and she has died having been left”.

He also previously told the jury that Miss Khan has suffered a “succession of beatings”. He said there was “not one incident, but a series of incidents”, the court heard. He said Miss Khan had also been branded with an iron.

Mr Auty said: “It has been used to quite deliberately to cause injury.”

Mustafa denies murder.

The trial continues.