First pictures revealed of the £2million ‘Buckingham Palace’ built by the most notorious and feared gangster and fraudster Mohammed Suleman Khan.

Work has been stopped now and armed guard patrol the palace. Mohammed Suleman Khan is known as don in the area.

MSK, 46,was making million but lived a quiet life to not attract police attention.

Even to other criminals in Birmingham, he was a shadowy figure known as The General, MSK or Sully, and was rarely seen in public.

MSK, or better known as ‘The General’ did not have anything with his name, he was very clever and never left any tracks that would lead back to him.

However police got hold of evidence proving The General had given £2million for building a mansion with its own Library, Private cinema and servent quarters in Pakistan.

MSK was sent to prison for 4 years for defrauding the taxman of over £450k.

He was set to be released in April 2016 but now faces an extra 10 years after defaulting on a Proceeds of Crime order.

Pictures of his mansion in the attock  area of Pakistan has been revealed.

A local said MSK bought the Land around 8 years ago.

Construction work was stopped half way after the tax evasion case started against him.

Over a dozen armed guards guard the unfinished mansion and no one is allowed near the house.

“If you try to get into or jump from the wall they will shoot you,” a neighbour claimed, adding, “they often do aerial firing at night too.”

There are security pickets on all corners of the compound.

It is believed that there are over 40 rooms in the mansion with a huge swish lawns and swimming pool in the backyard.

MSk even named the area after him ‘Suleman Abad’.

MSk is well known in the area and is called Don by the locals.

One local said: “Don used to come here off and on. Even children call him ‘Don’ and know that this huge palace is his house.”

Another local said before Don was arrested in the UK he would come here regularly with his own armed security guards.

“He always helped people in the village,” another said.

The General was exposed after police raided his house and found plans of the Buckingham palace style mansion.

Khan did not utter a word during his police interview or court appearances, aside from ‘guilty’.

After he refused to pay back the £2.2 million he was sentenced to jail for 10 more years, detectives have planned to sell his house in Birmingham.