Detectives have been trying to locate the killer of Akhtar Javeed, a business man of Digbeth.

Suspect Tahir Zarif, 27, who fled United Kingdom days after the murder of Mr Akhtar Javeed has been arrested in Pakistan and is currently in a Pakistani prison.

Akhtar Javeed, 56, father of four children was shot when he tried to shield his staff when a unsuccessful armed robbery at his business in 2016 February.

Business man Javeed Akhtar murdered in a armed robbery (Picture: Birmingham Mail)

Tahir Zarif was wanted by the West Midlands police in connection to the murder but he fled to Pakistan and was put on the police systems all over the world as a fugitive.

Detectives have now confirmed Tahir Zarif has been taken into police custody and is currently in a jail in Pakistan.

Detective Caroline Corfield said: “This is fantastic news for the family of Mr Javeed.

“For the last two years they have been living with the fact that the man suspected of killing him is at large somewhere – but with his detention they are another step closure to securing justice.

“We have been in regular contact with the Pakistani authorities and will continue to liaise with them over the deportation process.”

She further added: “Mr Javeed’s family have been very patient and always said they have faith in the justice system to bring Zarif back to the UK to stand trial.

“It was hugely satisfying to break the news to them that our suspect has been detained.”

Heartbroken family of victim, made a plea last year for the killers of Javeed Akhtar to be captured and bought to justice.

Wife Aisha Javeed and daughter Lilas Javeed (Picture: Birmingham Mail)

Wife Aisha Javeed spoke to Birmingham Mail last March, she said: “Life can never be the same.

“I have been counting, every single day.

“Since this has happened, I have not slept for one night.

“My husband was very polite, very nice and he was ready to help anyone.

“He was a very caring man and he would care for everyone, whether he knew them or not.

“The main member of my family has gone.”

Three other men were arrested for their part in the murder and were sentenced for nearly 40 years behind bars.

Lmar wali, 19 years old was sentenced to seven years in prison when found guilty of conspiracy to commit robbery.

Suraj Misty, 26 years old was sentenced to 23 years behind bars when found guilty of manslaughter.

He was also sentenced to eight years for possession of firearms and 20 years for conspiracy to commit robbery. The sentence is to run concurrently.

Sander Van Aalten was sentenced to six years and eight months after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery.