Bradley Clifford, 24, allegedly rammed into a moped and killed the rider for smashing a bottle on his Ford Mustang.

The court was told Bradley Clifford a full time plumber had an argument with Sobhan Khan and his friends outside a bar in Enfield.

While on their moped Mr Sobhan Khan smashed a bottle on Mr Clifford’s Mustang while trying to overtake him. This sent Mr Clifford into a fury and started chasing the moped in his mustang.

Mr Clifford peddled down his mustang and rammed into the moped sending Sobhan and rider Francis into the air.

Mr Clifford then walked towards Mr Khan who was lying on the floor and started beating him.

Prosecutor Aftab Jafferjee QC said: ‘The defendant heard and saw what happened to his car and this trial is to do with his response.

‘It was rapid, it was brutal, and it was unrelenting. It was about twenty seconds of sheer madness. He pursued the moped down a straight stretch of road at speed.

‘It was not to apprehend the two people on it but to mow them down for daring to damage his prized vehicle.

‘He intended at the very least to cause terrible harm to those that he held responsible. The moped was absolutely no match for the might of the Mustang.

‘Realising what this defendant was so obviously intending to do – turning his car into a lethal weapon – the driver of the moped in order to avoid what was happening, drove into the oncoming lane.’

Sobhan who was riding the bike went onto the oncoming lane so Clifford would stop following them but Clifford went after them.

The court was told Clifford rammed into the moped and flung Khan and his rider into the air for a short period.

The moped got stuck in the front bumper of the car.

‘There was no way he could continue driving with a moped attached to the front of his car,’ said Mr Jafferjee.

‘Depressingly, that did not stop the fury that he had unleashed.

‘As Sobhan Khan lay virtually motionless, totally defenceless, and fatally injured, such was this defendant’s rage that he went over to him and beat him.’

Paramedics and police arrived quickly on the scene and found two men seriously injured.

Both men were taken to hospital for treatment, Mr Sobhan Khan could not survive and was pronounced dead at 4:38am

“The rider of the moped ‘somewhat miraculously survived’ with minor injuries” Mr Jafferjee said.

Sobhan Khan ‘stupidly, and indeed criminally,’ smashed a bottle on Clifford’s car when they went to overtake it, the court heard.

Mr Bradley Clifford claims he had no intention of ramming into the moped or its riders, what happened was ‘an unfortunate accident’ because the moped driver clammed his brake unexpectedly and he did not have enough time to brake.

The court was told there had been an argument between the Bradley Clifford’s group and Sobhan Khan’s group outside a bar at around 3am on 5 August Last year.

Mr Bradley Clifford of Enfield denies murdering Mr Sobhan Khan and causing gross bodily harm with intent in relation to the other rider.

The trial continues.