Moosakhan Nasiri, 20, fled Afghanistan after the Taliban killed 5 of his family members.

Moosakhan Nasiri was stabbed in a London park by a 16 year old illegal immigrant.

A surgeon who was at the park tried to save Moosa khan’s life but was in vain as he died an hour after the stabbing.

Prosecutor Bill Emlyn Jones said: “The victim, Mr Nasiri, was sitting with a friend at a picnic bench in the park when he was approached by a group of five others who had been sitting nearby.”

“He was surrounded by the group who took it in turns to assault him.”

The barrister said “Mr Nasiri was killed by stab wounds to the abdomen which punctured his chest and pierced his heart.”

Judge Mark Lucraft, QC ordered that The 16 year old illegal immigrant to be kept in remand till the next hearing.

A cousin of Moosa khan revealed 5 members of his family were killed by the Taliban.

Moosa khan’s family was at home when the Taliban broke into their house and started firing.

The only reason the whole family was shot is Moosa khan’s father was in the Afghanistan army.

Moosa kha survived because when the Taliban’s attacked he was at a relatives house.

Moosa khan sold his family house and set out on the year long journey to the UK.

Moosakhan’s cousin Daud Musafer said: ‘When his family were all killed he had nothing left for him in Afghanistan.

‘He sold the family home and left the country to make his way to England. He wanted to come here as his father has once lived here.

‘He had nothing left to stay for in Afghanistan and did not feel safe there. He told me he wanted to come to this country as it was safe. No one ever thought that he would die here. It is terrible.’

Recalling the murder of his cousin’s family he said: ‘They came in the night and burst into the home firing their weapons. No one had a chance. They were all shot as they slept in their beds. The raid was carried out because they knew his father was in the Afghan army. That is the only reason they were singled out.’

Moosakhan’s younger brother and two younger sisters were also killed.

Moosakhan set on foot to the UK, he went to Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria and then France.

After spending a month in the forests of France he paid a human transporter £1400 to transport him to the UK.

Moosakhan applied for Asylum but was rejected by the Home Office.

He was asked by the Home Office to leave voluntarily but Moosakhan wanted to file an appeal.

Daud added he had an appointment with the Home Office next week for the final decision.

“My cousin came to this country as he thought he would be safe. He was very down when his asylum application was rejected but he was determined to get on with his life as he was so happy to be here.”

Daud was at home at the time of the attack.

He said: ‘I received a call and ran to the park.

‘My cousin was just lying there, he had a wound in his chest. He lived for about 20 minutes but could not be saved. I cannot believe this has happened in the UK, in London.

‘I told him he would be safe here, in the champion of countries, in the best city. I feel terrible, it’s just a waste. I am heartbroken. He was just in the park to hang out and play sport.’

‘Musa was working hard as a builder and a labourer and bettering himself. He loved playing sport, especially basketball. Because his family had been killed I was his closest relative.

‘I was like a dad and a brother to him. He was a genuinely good person, he would not hurt anyone. I thought he was safe here – I was wrong.’

The incident happened on Sunday at around 4pm

A witness who is Moosa Khan‘s friend said it was a small argument which ended up in Moosa khan losing his life.

‘Moosa was a good man. He worked hard and was very friendly. I can’t believe he has gone.’

Detective Chief Inspector Jamie Piscopo, leading the police investigation, said: ‘There are still outstanding suspects. This was a violent attack on a young man which happened in the middle of the afternoon in a busy park, and I would ask anyone who saw the incident to come forward and speak to us.’