Afzal khan helped criminals in laundering £1.3m and tricked a bank in giving him almost £350k for mortgage has been sentenced to jail for 6 years.

His partner in crime Andrew Yates has also been jailed.

The duo were pulled over by police in Salford, during the search police found £980K cash in the car.

Afzal Khan’s house was raided by police and found evidence of money laundering amounting to £1.3M.

£116K was recovered in cash from Yates house.

Detectives also found that Khan lied about his wages to a bank to get £345K mortgage on a house in 2009.

The house was repossessed as Khan did not pay a single installment.

Khan pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud and money laundering and was sentenced to jail for 6 years at Manchester Crown Court.

Yates was given one and half year for money laundering.

Detective Constable Richard Hudd, of GMP’s Salford borough, said: “Not only has Khan used deception to swindle the bank into lending him large amounts of money for a mortgage, he has also helped dangerous criminals launder illicit cash.

“Money laundering allows money from illegitimate sources, usually from the proceeds of crime, to enter the system and continue to fund criminal enterprise.

“We will continue to deploy all the resources at our disposal to eliminate this practice, which allows criminals to spread misery on our streets.

“I hope that this sentence shows that Khan’s greed, duplicity and disregard for the communities of Greater Manchester will not be tolerated.”