Mohammad Abbas Idris Awan 24 year old dental student has been charged with offences related to terrorism after he was found to possess a manual on how to kill, kidnap and behead.

He had extremely violent videos in possession which gave instructions on how to become a terrorist.

His internet history showed he had ordered a catapult and ball bearing and searched, how to cause massive damage to a human.

When Awan’s home in Crosland Moor was raided by the police, they seized 16 USB drives, 11 mobile phones and 7 desktop computers with enormous library of terrorism material

Mohammad Awan’s older brother Riswan Awan committed a suicide bombing in Iraq last year March.

Awan was found guilty at Sheffield Crown Court, the trial lasted over 3 weeks and it took the jury four hour to come back with a guilty verdict.

Awans mother Noor Baig was present and after the guilty verdict she said “You have put someone inside who is completely innocent. God will punish you.”

“We will fight back. This is very unfair. It was his big brother that he had paid for. They should get the truth out.”

Neighbour Mohammed Yaqub who knew Awan for over four years said “I am shocked, very, very shocked. I have known him all my life.

“That’s very, very bad. He was a very nice, educated young man. I have known him since he was a kid.

“The jury have not wasted any time have they?”

Judge Paul Watson QC said Awan will be sentenced on Wednesday morning.

Noor Baig, mother of Mohammad Awan speaks after the guilty verdict

Det Supt Simon Atkinson, head of investigations at Counter Terrorism later said: “Following his arrest and the subsequent house searches a number of exhibits were seized including 11 mobile phones, 16 USB memory sticks and seven computers.

“Specialist officers and staff examined a vast quantity of data and found a significant amount of terrorism-related material.

“Awan was influenced by the material he had researched online which included numerous Daesh propaganda sites.

“He purchased ball bearings online and information about the use of these in attacks was contained in the material he downloaded.

“While we do not know the full details of Awan’s intentions, officers swiftly intervened before Awan could put any plans into practice.”