Mohammad Asif, 30 years old jumped out of his house window naked to get away from the police has been sent to prison for his £1.7 million drug empire.

Mohammad Asif of Queens Road, Smethwick jumped out of his first floor window to get away from the police who were raiding is house.

He was instantly taken down out side his property and a search was conducted of his house where police found ammunition, drug scales, thousand of pounds cash, class A drugs.

The police also found a pistol, taser, bullets, shotgun and £.17M worth of heroin in his vehicle.

Guns, cocaine and spice mamba were also found at other properties that were linked to Asif.

A total of 200 rounds of bullets and 8 fire arms and £50,000 cash were found during the police search and investigation.

Mohammad Asif pleaded guilty to possession of Firearms and bullets and possession of drugs with intent to supply.

Mohammad Asif, 30 jumped out his house window naked to get away from the police

Wolverhampton Crown Court sentenced him to serve 20 years and 10 months behind bars on the 14th December 2017.

Detective Constable Victoria Brown, from Force Priorities Team, said: “A lot of diligent police work by the Sandwell Neighbourhood Taskforce enabled us to identify Asif as a key player in the supply of drugs in the region.

“We managed to seize a substantial amount of high value Class A substances which were destined to flood the streets along with guns with the potential to cause harm in the wrong hands.

“Asif was so desperate to avoid being caught that he was prepared to jump from a first floor window with no clothes on.

“He was also caught with his pants down at court as the weight of evidence against him led to a lengthy jail term.

“This sentencing should serve as a strong warning that drugs and illegal guns in our region will not be tolerated.

“We have all seen the misery they can cause.”