Amir Khan and 4 month pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom, recently got back together after separation that lasted 3 months.

Khan looked as he was getting back on track and ending the year with good notes, but a new claim by ex model Emma Bond says Amir begged her for sex just days before getting back with wife Faryal Makhdoom.

The SUN News reports Amir seen Emma Bond 27 on Instagram and told her to send her explicit pictures of herself and asked to meet up at a hotel.

Emma Bond reports Khan begged her for sex days before he got back with wife Faryal Makhdoom.

Emma said: Khan’s messages were cheesy and a big turn off. It was clear he was only after one thing? sex.

In his earlier messages he came across as genuine & down to earth, but turning him down multiple times, he became desperate.

Emma claims Khan first messaged her in Aug on her Instagram, asking if they could exchange numbers to talk on Whats app.

On the 21st Sep it is claimed that Amir sent Emma a message asking when they were going to meet.

25th Sep it was claimed he asked Emma to show her tattoo.

on the 29th Sep, he message again asking her if she was a bad girl or naughty.

Reportedly Khan wrote: Babe send a video. Make the video sexy.

Emma claims she turned him down.

On Oct 14th 2017 a message purported to be Amir khan where he says ‘I just got out of a relationship and looking for some fun.

It is claimed that Amir begged her to meet up and asked for her name and address, but Emma refused to hand him any information of herself.

Nov 6th Amir reportedly messaged Emma saying he was in Manchester. Emma replied, asking if he was in Manchester on the weekend to which Amir replied ‘OK’

Just before the date set with Emma in Manchester, Amir posts a photo of him and Faryal on Twitter saying, With my 4 month pregnant wife after sorting out all the issues. Closing the year with a happy ending.

Emma a mother of 2 children defined Khan as Sleazy.

Amir is currently in Australia preparing for a show ”I’m a celebrity get me out of here”.

Khan said: I have made silly embarrassing mistakes, putting my life on social media. Reportedly Amir claims he admitted he was embarrassed the way his breakup went with Faryal.