Mansoor Mahmood was murdered by Niron Parker-Lee after a row over drugs in an alleyway in Brierly hill.

Niron Parker, 20, left Mansoor with a 7.9cm deep wound, damaging his vital organs.

Mansoor lost three litres of blood, Birmingham Crown Court was told.

Mr Christopher Millington, prosecuting said: “It was a devastating blow, delivered with some force and it did a massive amount of internal damage.”

Niron Parker pleaded not guilty to murder but admitted he stabbed Mansoor in self defence.

CCtv footage revealed that Niron Parker left home concealing something under his clothes which prosecutors believe was a large hunting knife.

Niron Parker came on to Moor street from High street and stopped at an alleyway near Dixi Chicken.

Mansoor was walking on the other side of the High street when he spotted Niron Parker, Mr Millington said.

He added: “Both men went into the alleyway where their was a short-lived skirmish, which appears to be an exchange of blows.”

A couple of minutes later Niron tried to flee with Mansoor behind him

They stopped at a Peony Garden where there was ‘another exchange of blows’.

Mr Millington told jurors: “At some stage, either in the alleyway or probably more likely outside Peony Garden, the defendant thrusts the knife into the body of Mr Mansoor.”

Mansoor then Staggered back to Dixi chicken, paramedic were quick on the scene.

A screwdriver was found in Mansoor’s trousers by paramedics but was not used in the fight, Mr Millington added.

Niron returned home to change his clothes and managed to stay on the run from the police for 10 months.

The hunting knife was never found but police was able to recover its sheath which had Niron’s DNA on it, Mr Millington added.

The trial continues.