A man told his three year-old daughter to ‘Say goodbye to mommy,’ then sawed the woman’s head off as the youngster watched, police say.

Timothy Hernandez, 32, said he slaughtered girlfriend Vanessa Cons because God had ‘told him to strike (her) down’ and ‘because she did not repent,’ according to police reports.

He is alleged to have begun quoting Bible verses at Cons Sunday morning. Detectives believe he then used a butcher’s knife to saw Cons’ head off, before placing it on her torso.

The toddler, who has not been named, told police she saw Hernandez cut her mother with scissors, and that she screamed as he attacked her at his parents’ house in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Hernandez’s mom and dad discovered the bloodbath after returning from church, and called police.

They told detectives the couple had argued the night before Cons, who also has a five year-old child, was murdered.

Hernandez is further said to have confessed to killing Cons to police, and insisted his claim that he had been ordered to do so by God was ‘the truth.’

He was charged with premeditated murder.

Con’s brother Vidar Jay said on a GoFundMe page set up to pay for her funeral: ‘This feels like a bad dream.

‘My sister, Vanessa Cons, was a very loving person, who put her children first and herself last.

‘Despite any challenges she might have been faced with in life she tried her best to stay positive and meet obsticles head on.

‘Her smile would brighten any room and will never be forgotten. She is dearly missed.’

He added that it was ‘very difficult’ for the family to discuss further details of Cons’ gruesome murder.