A drunk man shot a pregnant singer Samina Sindhu, 22, on stage just because she refused to dance with him.

Ashiq Samoo, husband of the singer said: he was just behind his wife when she was shot thrice, he also claimed that SHO Liaquat Ali was present at the time.(Video attached below)


Samina Samoon can be seen performing a song while sitting, not knowing she will tragically be shot to death in the next minute.

People present at the event said to media that Tariq Jatoi shot the 22 year old singer thrice because she refused to dance as she was six months pregnant.

The singer was taken to a local hospital but was pronounced dead at the hospital.


Samina drops to the ground after she was shot, her husband told it was because Samina refused to dance. 

Footage of the shooting has gone viral on social media where the singer can be seen singing on stage and three men approach the stage and start throwing money at her. The singer stands up while singing and is then shot three are fired and the woman falls on stage.

Samina Samoon’s husband revealed she was pregnant when she was shot dead.

Tariq Jatoi was arrested for killing Samina Sindhu. The accused was presented before a judge. The Judge granted a 7 day physical custody.

The singer’s husband told media that they were invited to perform at a ceremony at Niaz Junejo house.

He added we earn our living by performing at ceremonies, my wife would sing and I play the harmonium.

“Niaz asked my wife to stand while singing and also dance,”.

“She was pregnant and said she couldn’t dance. She rose to stand up and continued singing. In the meantime, Niaz, who was inebriated, provoked his friend, Tariq Jatoi by saying that he just sat and watched while Samina refused his demand.”

Samina Samoon getting snaps of herself near the London eye.

Tariq Jatoi pulled out a gun and started firing and one bullet hit Samina Sindhu.

“Some of us took Samina to the hospital.”

“The police beat up the other musicians of our team who had been left behind and also snatched Rs35,000 from them.” Ashiq Samoo added

Ashiq Samoo said the Kanga police station was just opposite the venue where we were performing.

“SHO Liaquat Ali, who had drunk so much that he wasn’t in his senses, was present at the event,” he said.

“We sat in front of the SP’s office at 2am with the body as no one listened. The next day, we sat in front of the press club.”

Superintendent of Police, Tanveer Tunio took action after media got involved and suspended SHO Liaquat Ali, who was present at the time of shooting.

Ashiq Samoo  added “I told them about Niaz Junejo while recording my statement, But they didn’t include his name in the FIR. Even Tariq told the police about how Niaz provoked him but the police ignored the information due to his ‘strong backing’.”

Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Sial said the shooter has been arrested and a case has been registered. “We have sent the murder weapon for forensic examination.”

Javed Brohi, an officer-bearer of Sindh Fankaar Welfare Trust said “Artists who spread happiness among the people are getting dead bodies in return”.  We will do everything to get justice.

Writer Amar Sindhu wrote on Facebook that Samina was killed at the aqeeqa ceremony of a court reader’s sons. “She was asked to stand and dance while singing,” Amar wrote. “She said she was eight months pregnant and it was difficult for her to stand.”

According to Amar, she was issued death threats. “She tried to get up when a bullet pierced through her body.”

The rights activist further wrote that she wants to curse those killers who try to cover their crimes by invoking their Sindhi ethnicity. “Even the educated civil society of Sindh complains of Urdu media’s prejudice when Shahrukh Jatoi is called a killer,” she wrote.

Stage performers get no protection in Pakistan unless the performer is famous.

Most stage performers are trans-genders who are treated worse than animal and face discrimination everywhere they go.

Aish Khan, a transgender performer tells her story to a local news channel

“I used to perform at all-men gatherings but have stopped that because I have been assaulted four times,” she said. “The men consider us their private property and do not respect our choices. Now, I just perform at family functions.”

Performers are ill-treated if they say no. “Men at a DHA event shaved the eyebrows of my friend, Payal, just to humiliate her,” she said. “Our community protested and the police arrested him, only to let him off in a few hours. I saw him again at a function in Baldia and he asked me to meet him alone. When I said no, he told me that he’ll kidnap me on my way.”

Aish said men do not consider them humans. “We are humans and we get tired after continuous performance from 12am to 5am,” she said. “If I want to sit and rest for a while, they get furious.”