A man has been jailed for various terrorism offences, including possessing and sharing a bomb making video.

An investigation led by Met’s Counter Terrorism Command led to the conviction of Zana Abbas Sulieman, 27, of North West London. Sulieman was sentenced at Kingston Crown Court to serve nine years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to possession of an article for a terrorist purpose, possession of a record of use to a terrorist, encouragement of terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publications.

Detectives launched an investigation mid 2017 when they discovered a Facebook profile that had Daesh related content.

Further investigation led the police to find many other accounts that had similar content and posts, with similar or the same Facebook profile details. Eventually all the Facebook accounts were found to be directly linked to Sulieman.

Sulieman was taken into police custody on August 8th 2017 and his mobile phone was seized which had Daesh propaganda content as well as a video that shows how to create a bomb from scratch. The police also discovered that the video was shared with others through social media.

A total of 32 Facebook accounts were found that were linked to Sulieman that had terrorist related content on them.

When the police interviewed Sulieman regarding the content on his phone, he denied it and said he had bought the mobile phone a few days ago.

However, during the investigation, the police found that Sulieman was stopped by a PCSO on July 30th 2017 where he gave the same mobile number. He was charged on 15 August 2017 and was sentenced to nine years behind bars on Thursday, February 22nd 2018.

Commander Dean Haydon, head of the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command, said: “Sulieman was prolific in his sharing and promotion of Daesh-related material and propaganda with his various contacts on social media. But what was of most concern was that he viewed and shared a video showing how to make a bomb, and encouraged others to follow and carry out the instructions. He was a dangerous individual and I have no doubt that the public is safer with him behind bars.”