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Man jailed after he fires shot at a Bradford house in revenge for being mauled by the owners dog

Nasir Humayun, 28, was attacked by a dog has been locked up behind bars after he shot fires at the owners house in Bradford.

Humayun of Highfield Crescent, Heaton required surgery to his face due to being injured by the dog.

He pleaded guilty to intent to cause fear of violence using a firearm and possession of a firearm.

Humayun and the son of Yasmin Hussain, Bilal Hassan did not get on and had a history of bad blood between eachother, heard Bradford Crown Court.

May 22nd this year, Haumayun had taken another man with him to Mrs Hussain’s property and two gun shots were fired at the house, hitting the living room window with the bullets hitting the inside wall of the property.

The court had said no weapons were found and it was impossible to tell what gauge of shotgun was used.

The courts accepted that it was possible to see there was no one present in the room when the shots were fired.

Mrs Yasmin Hussain has left the property and moved elsewhere due this incident.

The CPS Graham O’Sullivan said just before the attack, Humayun rang Mr Bilal Hassan who have had bad blood between them and told him he was going to shoot at his house.

“The defendant was angry because he had required surgery to his face after the dog attack in August 2016 claiming Mr Hassan had set his dog on him. He had scars on his neck and legs,” he said.

“The police investigated the claim and in March this year told the defendant they were taking no further action.

“He phoned Mr Hassan and made reference to the dog. He told him he was going to blast his mother’s house and that of his cousin.

“Mr Hassan warned his mother of the threat and she and her two teenage daughters went upstairs at the back of the house.

“She heard the two shots and contacted the police, said Mr O’Sullivan.

“CCTV footage at the scene showed a black VW Golf which Mr Humayun had bought earlier that month in London.

“The driver got out and walked towards the house.The passenger got out and into the driver’s seat and turned the car around ready to go. The defendant went to ground for a few days and changed his mobile phone but was subsequently arrested and charged.”

James Bourne Arton defence said Humayun owned his own business selling meat and had eight employees working for him. He also said Humayun had told Bilal Hassan was demanding cash from him and gave threats using a gun.

The defence also told, even though the long bad blood between both men, Humayun was “not a man tied up in crime”.

“This was not gangland or drug related.

“Mr Humayun is still a young man and was in full time employment. He knows now that has been ruined.

Judge Colin Burn, who watched the video footage of Humayun being attacked by Bilal Hussain’s dog said: “I have seen from the footage that you were clearly on the receiving end of a very unpleasant attack involving a dog.

“It is your clear belief that Bilal Hassan was one of those people egging the dog on. The fact it has not been to court clearly led you to decide that you were going to take matters into your own hands.

“With your guilty plea I accept that you did not intend to cause any injury to anyone and clearly the aim was to frighten them which you undoubtedly succeeded in an inherent way.”

Humayun was sentenced to serve four and a half years behind bars, Judge Burn added: “Whether you pulled the trigger or not is not relevant because it is joint enterprise.”