A man used his home to store massive amounts of class A drugs before selling it on to other drug dealers all over West Midlands has been jailed.

Daljinder Bassi, 36, was sentenced at Wolverhampton Crown Court to serve 13-years behind bars.

Most of the illegal cash and drugs recovered from Mr Bassi’s address were hidden behind walls and floor boards – heard Wolverhampton Crown Court.

CPS Mr John Evan’s told; Mr Bassi was pulled over by the police on the M6 motorway last year 27 October after he was seen in Birmingham acting very suspicious.

The police searched his vehicle and found three kilograms of heroin in compressed blocks and found paracetamols and caffeine which are normally used as mixing agents for heroin.

A further 22 kilograms of cocaine and heroin and £737,000 cash was found at his address after the police did a name check.

The total amount of drugs found by the police would have had a the street value of £2.5m

Mr Bassi pleaded guilty to one count of money laundering and four counts of possession with intent to supply cocaine and heroin.

Wolverhampton Crown court heard Mr Bassi was previously locked up for ten years in 2009 for conspiracy to supply drugs and possession of ammunition without a certificate.

Mr Balbir Singh, defending Mr bassi told the court, his client kept himself out of trouble for four years after being released from prison but again started his drug business after a breakdown of a relationship.

But Judge Dean Kershaw said, the class A drugs recovered by the police are 95 percent pure and the huge amounts of cash found showed Mr Bassi had a major role in a illegal drug empire that he had been doing for some time

Mr Bassi was sentenced to 13-years in prison.

Matt McMillan of Met police said;  “Bassi was a major distributor of class A drugs in the West Midlands.

“By shutting down his illegal enterprise, not only have we have eliminated a key link in the chain between high end traffickers and street level dealers, but a huge amount of cash has been removed from the criminal economy”.

Video footage of all the drugs and cash found at Mr Bassi’s address.