Last week in India a woman was lashed 100 times for eloping with her boyfriend.

This time the man who she ran away with was tied upside down and lashed by the woman’s husband.

The incident happened in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, India.

After the husband lashed him, the crowd who had stick with them, started hitting him as he lay on the ground semi unconscious.

Just last week the victim’s girlfriend was lashed a 100 times by her husband for running away and adultery.

A police spokesperson said it is believed that the woman had eloped with her boyfriend on march 10 and was living with him at a his relative’s house.

After a week her husband found out where she was, he sent some elderly people and convinced her to return home on the condition that he will forgive her and start fresh.

Once she returned he called a local Kangaroo Court, the court decided that she should be whipped 100 times.

The same Kangaroo court then sent men to look for the woman’s lover so he can be brought to justice.

When they found him his sentence was to be hanged upside down and flogged.

He cries in a bid that someone might save him said one bystander.

The punishment mirrored the punishment given to the woman just last week. After she was lashed a 100 times by her husband then bystanders sexually assaulted her and tried to rape her while she laid on the ground unable to defend herself.

When the woman came to her senses she was told not to utter a word to police or face death.

The angry husband only stop for a few seconds to take his jacket off and then starts again.

The woman was hospitalised for a week and once she had recovered she filed a complaint against her husband and the heads of the Kangaroo court.

Police quickly acted on the complaint and arrested her husband and 5 men who headed the court.

Police Inspector Altaf Ansari, in charge of Police Station, said: ‘We have registered a case against her husband Saudan, former village head Sher Singh and his son Shravansinh and arrested them.

‘We have started a hunt for other accused. The woman has been sent to the hospital for medical examination.’